We want to see every single internally displaced person and refugee in Africa thrive mentally and emotionally.

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Finemind supports community mental health through a peer-to-peer support system that recruits, trains, and empowers community members, including clinical and non-clinical, to provide people with what they need to recover from common mental health disorders.


The purpose of Finemind is to provide systematic, scalable, and comprehensive solutions for global mental health

by tapping into the power of community.


Are we leading with kindness?

We can only offer compassion when we practice self-compassion. Therein lies the gift - to offer love, generosity, and care to another, we must offer love, generosity, and care to oneself.

Are we leaning on each other?

There is an old African proverb that says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." We're convinced that working together is the only way to achieve long-term sustainable impact. Simply put, we cannot do it alone. 

Are we working towards scalable change?

The Mulago Foundation said it best – innovation without replication is a waste of time. Ideas are easy - world-changing impact is hard. We work to affect systems change that will endure the test of time.

Are we undaunted in the face of uncertainty?

Believe in the work, even if it is hard or the outcome isn’t clear. There will be moments of apprehension - we may not always be in control of what we feel, but we are responsible for the actions we take. Each step, however small, is significant. 

Are we empowering the community?

Access to mental health is a fundamental human right. It is not luxury nor is it discretionary – it is vital. Mental healthcare affords someone the basic tools to take better charge of one’s needs and to live a purposeful life. Our work doesn’t stop with the individual, the effect is seen and felt when the community is lifted, too.  


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Pavel Reppo

Founder & Executive Director

Pavel is passionate about fostering opportunities for sustainable positive change. He is a proud founder and previous CEO of The Wayfaring Band, an organization that creates travel opportunities for adults experiencing intellectual disabilities, and leadership fellows, facilitating an inclusive culture built on the principle of mutual aid. Pavel is a native of Belarus and an avid traveler who has worked directly with orphaned youth and children living in slums in Uganda. When not working to affect change, Pavel likes to both make and eat omelets. 


David Oyet

Program Coordinator

David has an infectious warmth and natural ability to unite and mobilize people. He is undaunted in taking on new challenges and keeps our ducks in a row thanks to the knowledge he has gained from his degree in health management. While studying at Clarke International University, David spearheaded the start of the You Innovate Club, focused on critical thinking for a creative and innovative society. David is deeply resourceful, dependable and hungry to affect change.


Patrick Sengendo

Lead Trainer

Patrick has worn many hats; matter of fact, he started his journey with Finemind in the inaugural community health worker cohort and showed tremendous zeal and passion for the work. He was a stand-out in developing and building rapport and digesting new content material - now, he brings the same vigor and enthusiasm for training facilitation. For the record, his smile is in fact as large and luminous as it appears in the picture above. We're grateful for Patrick's leadership in ushering the next wave of community mental health workers. 

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Samuel Olara

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Samuel graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Law from Kampala International University. He then spent a year working as an advocate intern for Bwire & Kalinaki. Afterwards, he leapt into action to use his sales and marketing skills for Zuku Fiber Uganda, SimbaNet Uganda, and others. He is keeping Finemind in line while ensuring accountability, fidelity, and effectiveness is maintained. He is proud to working with the community, knowing that his efforts are helping to transform the lives of many.



Meg Skelton

Board Chair

Meg is an innovative leader of operations with a proven ability to drive business growth. She has a talent for designing, recruiting and developing teams that produce results fulfilling on a bigger vision. She brings advanced expertise in business development, resource allocation, strategic planning, and alternative fundraising. She’s worked for a variety of organizations and sectors spanning blockchain, sustainable food sources, and Artificial Intelligence! In her free time, Meg enjoys flying hot air balloons.

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Julie Riley


Julie has more than 20 years of teaching and university administrator experience specializing in Human Services. Prior to working in higher education, she was a tenured teacher in the Newburgh Enlarged City School District in New York State. Thanks to her extensive knowledge and experience as licensed clinical social worker, counselor, and consultant specializing in Trauma and Addiction therapy, she provides supervision to clinicians and consultation to academic and educational institutions. 

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Steve Kaeuper


After majoring in mathematics at Earlham College and earning his Master’s from the University of Kentucky, Steve taught math in a variety of contexts for over the last 50 years. By great serendipity, Pavel Reppo was one of his thousands of students. Steve was the president of the Denver Track Club from 1975 through 1990. (Fun fact: Steve’s record for the mile run at Earlham College still stands 50 years later!) He's worked part time as a Financial Advisor and continues to teach math through tutoring and volunteering. 


Tom Mikesell


Tom served 7 years in the U.S. Air Force Military Intelligence. After owning and operating two successful contracting companies, he currently works for one of the largest international logistics companies in the U.S. He has traveled to 11 countries and 48 states seeking to understand other people and their cultures. Tom strives to bridge the gaps caused by race, culture, and social-economic standings.