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Jane's Story

Updated: May 14, 2020

"A patient, whom we’ll call Jane, came into a Uganda health clinic for a check-up for her one-year-old daughter. After sitting down with a health worker trained by [Finemind], Jane confessed that she had been struggling with severe stress for months, stemming from her separation from her husband, taking care of three children as a single mother, and being the sole provider for her family, including her mother and sister. On top of that, she recently had lost her job. The night before, she had made the decision to take her life. She had cooked a local Ugandan dish and planned to purchase rat poison to mix with the food."

"Luckily, a Finemind health worker was able to understand the diagnosis of depression, manage Jane’s suicidal risk, and offer practical advice. This timely intervention may have saved Jane’s life, and saved her three children from growing up without a mother."

– Forbes magazine