We can't bridge the mental health treatment gap alone. That's why we empower others.

At the end of the day, the heartbeat for effective mental healthcare is people. We've shown this with our model in Uganda and are now eager to bring this elsewhere. We see incredible application within a variety of sectors: public, private, and governmental. Insofar, if you are interested in seeing our collaborative stepped care approach come to life alongside you, we would be honored to take that journey with you.


There's really no ceiling. Whether you are a school looking to bolster mental health supports for students while empowering teachers, a service agency looking to offer teletherapy for your community while empowering peer educators, or a police force looking to cater to the various needs of your community while empowering volunteers, the range of application is limitless.

Tried-and-Tested Curriculum

Our curriculum is built upon the incredible work of Sangath and the amazing leadership behind the MANAS model. Comprised of four modules, we utilize a mix of role plays, lectures, individual reflection, and group work to explore the nature of effective counseling principles and techniques. 

Resources for Every Step

We'll give you everything you need and guidance along the way to deliver on clarity, understanding, and effective uptake in your place of work. We're eager to put our resources to work for you!

Let's Play

Ultimately, the only requirement we look for is enthusiasm; enthusiasm to explore how a mental health model may be of value to you and others. We’re happy to work with you to craft a timeline, implementation plan, and find an appropriate price point. If you have questions on what this could look like for you or your organization, please get in touch with Pavel Reppo at pavel@afinemind.org.