We're raising $5500 to sustain our work, and we have

$2750 matching funds confirmed. Will you join us?

The pandemic shook the world, but Finemind responded with courage, resilience, and responsibility. We mobilized our team of 18 community mental health workers and did what we do best – we offered mental health supports to the community of Agago District. For the months of April, May, & June, we will exceed over 1000 counseling sessions, a dozen radio talk shows, and a reverberation of the importance of putting mental health first!


We want to build on our momentum, but we need your help. In the words of Wayne Gretzky, we want to “skate to where the puck is going to be.”


Finemind is asking for your help to raise a total of $5500, which will allow our team in Uganda to sustain operations from July to October. Board members Tom & Steve will generously match donations up to $2750. All you have to do is get us to $2750! This means that for every $1 dollar you give, it will be double. Say you want to donate $100? That will trigger an additional $100 from the matching pool for a total of $200.


Your hard-earned dollars will allow us to do several things:

  1. $14 provides 20 counseling sessions.

  2. $278 covers a full-time living wage for one month for two staff members based in Uganda.

  3. $500 provides mental health education to over 6,000 community members via recurring radio shows.

  4. $600 strengthens community connection, promotes regular patient-check-ins, and increases home visits with the purchase of a motorcycle.


We believe that access to mental health care is a fundamental human right. It is not subpar as often assumed in low-income settings. It is not luxury, nor is it discretionary - it is vital. Mental healthcare affords someone the basic tools to take better charge of one's needs and to live a purposeful life. If depression is present and not addressed, it affects other necessary life functions. Finemind's sweet sauce lies not when the individual is lifted, but the real transformation happens when the community is lifted, too.



**Finemind is a Colorado non-profit corporation. We are pending approval to become an IRS 501c3 tax-exempt organization. We’re anticipating receiving our approval in October and will retroactively send you tax deductible receipts.