What we are doing to help those affected

by the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda

"Are we undaunted in the face of uncertainty? There will be moments of apprehension - we may not always be in control of what we feel, but we are responsible for the actions we take." 

Uganda has only 55 intensive care unit beds for 43 million people. Not to mention, the World Health Organization has warned African countries to brace themselves for the worst. Now, more than ever, access to mental health services is as vital is it gets. Our purpose remains enduring - to provide effective mental health treatment to the community of Agago District.
Our mighty tribe of counselors continue to show up fearlessly as they offer frontline mental health support. We're doing our best to keep the community mentally fit and well. In light of the pandemic, we've been forced to get creative in how we sensitize and educate the community. To support our team stateside, we've hired on a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer to ensure project fidelity, accountability, and effectiveness. 

Our COVID-19 response includes:

  1. Expanding in-person counseling supports for depression and anxiety for primary care patients. We're making sure that our field staff has proper protective equipment while engaging in treatment. 

  2. Offering telephone counseling for ease of use and flexibility.

  3. Providing home visits to patients who may require an additional helping hand.

  4. Deploying radio messages to educate, sensitize, and raise awareness for mental health. Every Saturday our field staff will be facilitating a two-hour talk show on a variety of topics.


We're working extra hard to meet the needs of our community. Our health workers are leading with kindness, offering unencumbered generosity, and doubling-down on love. If you feel inclined to support our work, every little bit helps. Your donation will support our mighty team as they offer timely mental health services. Contribute here now.